About SpeedTest Gizmo

SpeedTest Gizmo (A Subsidiary of Dijura Pty Ltd) is a great tool to enhance your overall internet experience. With the help of this tool, you can now measure the speed of your internet connection. It is a great platform where you cannot just measure your internet speed, but can also test the quality of the connection as well.

A fast internet connection is the key to keeping the world going. The various dynamics of internet speed test are listed below. Some of them are:

A slow internet is not something which everyone likes. So what SpeedTest Gizmo do exactly? SpeedTest Gizmo lets you run a distinct internet speed test online. With the help of this amazing tool, you can also troubleshoot your faulty internet connection after a thorough analysis is run through. The performance testing and various metrics involved in speed test online can provide you with accurate results.

Internet speed is measured in terms of bits of information transferred per second. This data is measured in Kilobyte, Megabytes, or Gigabytes per second. Most internet providers say that they provide good internet rates, but in reality, that’s not the case. The actual internet speed is very less than that rated by the provider. Internet Speed testing helps you decide whether your connection is worth paying so much for or not.

As part of a typical internet speed test by SpeedTest Gizmo, two metrics are put to the test. Firstly, download speed which is nothing but the speed at which data is downloaded to your system from the internet. The second metric being put to the test is the upload speed, which is nothing but the speed at which the data from your device is uploaded to the internet. As part of every test, the speed is tested in Megabyte per second (Mbps). And that’s not all! You can also compare your test results with the average speed of the internet in your area. If it’s above average, good enough! But, if its lesser than average, you might have to contact your internet service provider again.

A common question that arises in every user's mind is that what slows down the speed of my internet connection? Your internet speed can be slowed down as a result of a number of factors such as the type of Internet Service Providers (ISP), the traffic on the internet, and various other means. Your internet speed may be affected in cases when the router gets damaged.

Hence, it’s always good to keep a watch over your internet speed from time to time so that you can monitor the health of your internet connection periodically. SpeedTest Gizmo is a great tool that can help you test the speed of your internet connection. In simple terms, it is a great overall multi-utility tool.